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TrafficBlazer® search engine optimization. Prepare your site so the search engines find it!
Most Web site traffic and online purchases come from search engines like Google, Yahoo!, MSN and Ask Jeeves. Get your share of Internet business with Traffic Blazer's® search engine optimization tools.
Traffic Blazer lets you promote your business online, increase your online visibility and make money on the Internet...in a few simple steps! NO technical expertise is necessary. If you can type and click, you can use Traffic Blazer!
Traffic Blazer makes it easy to prepare, analyze, optimize and submit your Web pages to Google, Yahoo!, MSN and other key search engines and directories.
  • Site Optimization - Position your Web site for top rankings with Google and other leading search engines.
  • Site Analysis - IMPROVED! A more robust analysis of your site's strengths and potential weaknesses helps you secure crucial search engine success. Includes analysis of Robots.txt files and Robots Meta tags.
  • Keyword Optimization - Find the most effective keywords for your Web site. Keyword suggestion tool shows you the words and phrases actual search engine users have searched for (Powered by Yahoo!’s Sponsored Search).
  • Automated Submission to leading search engines and directories. In minutes, you can submit your site!
  • List Checking Report - Verify that your Web page is listed with the Internet's leading search engines and directories.
  • HTML Verification - Check your site's HTML code for problems.
  • Ranking Report - IMPROVED! Quickly check your site's search engine ranking. See top-10 results and the position of competing URLs. You can even schedule the report to run automatically and have results delivered to you via email.
  • Quick Submit - NEW! Submit your site to major search engines within minutes of your purchase.
  • Regional Search Engines allows you to submit your Web page to region-specific search engines.
  • Robots.txt/Robots Meta Tag Generator - NEW! Prevents incomplete or unwanted pages from being crawled and indexed by search engine spiders.
  • Traffic Essentials - Your comprehensive guide to search engine optimization and the search engine industry.
  • NEW! Blog Search Engine Submission - Take advantage of the popularity of blogs and increase your traffic with submission to more than 75 blog search engines and directories.
  • We submit to more than 200 Search Engines and Directories.
Traffic Blazer® Deluxe and Traffic Blazer® Pro
Everything you need to promote your online business and create Web-wide awareness
  • Traffic Blazer Deluxe adds Express Email Marketing™ at special savings. Now you can create and send professional-quality newsletters, announcements, event notifications and more, the spam-free and legal way.
  • NEW! Traffic Blazer Pro includes everything above, plus News-Blazer™. News-Blazer scans the Internet and finds information about you, your business, or anything else of value and interest to you. It packages that information into easy-to-understand reports; configured how you like; with instant report-status updates via email. It's a great way to keep an eye on and learn from competitors, too! So track, measure and act on what's being said about you on the Internet - with News-Blazer!
Traffic Blazer
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Traffic Blazer Deluxe
Traffic Blazer Pro
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